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Sponsor Articles
Onos sunglasses new 2014 Crappie Masters Sponsor

Bass Pro Shops Crappie Masters announces Onos Trading Company as a 2014 national sponsors.

Ono’s Trading Company markets stylish sunglasses with 100% UVA/UVB protection through stores, catalogs and online. Ono’s sunglasses serve all outdoor vision requirements, including non-corrective (Plano) models, models with fully corrected lenses, and models with Ono’s low-profile bifocal magnification enhancement system for close-up vision tasks in the outdoors.

Off Shore Tackle New 2014 Sponsor

Bass Pro Shops Crappie Masters would like to welcome Off Shore Tackle as a new sponsor for 2014. Off Shore Tackle the “Leader in Trolling Technology” makes Planer Boards, Planer Board Releases, accessories, weights, and Downriggin Releases. Off Shore Tackle proudly makes all of their products in America.

As we have seen in the 2013 National Championship, Off Shore Tackle Planer Boards are very effective. Tommy Skarlis and Kyle Steinfeldt used Off Shore Tackle Planer Boards to claim the title of Bass Pro Shops Crappie Masters 2013 National Champions in Grenada, MS. Skarlis states, "Off Shore Tackle's planer boards and other products make trolling fun and exciting, no matter what species you are after. They have made me more successful."  The Adult/Youth Champions and Second Place team of Cory and Cody Batterson, were also fishing with Off Shore Tackle Planer Boards.

Crappie Masters Members are being offered special discounts from Off Shore Tackle to introduce their great products. Don’t miss out on this new and exciting way to effectively catch crappie. Members may download the order form here.

Crappie Masters Television Welcomes M-YWEDGE!

Bass Pro Shops Crappie Masters Television welcomes a new sponsor M-YWEDGE.

The days of the inconvenient, out-of-date, Outboard Motor Transom Saver is over for good, thanks to the arrival of the innovative new motor support, m-ywedge™!

Thanks to advances in boat-building technology over the last decade, modern transoms are created to withstand torque.  That’s why the m-ywedge™ is so long overdue.  It’s only eight inches long, so it fits in any boat storage compartment, unlike the old style transom saver.  It works with manual or hydraulic jack plates, and regular or long shaft models.  It’s virtually indestructible as well as UV and saltwater resistant.  It won’t harm the trailer, outboard or boat and perhaps most importantly, it completely eliminates the need to lean underneath the boat for installation, nothing to hold on to.

Manufactured in the United States of America with a one-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects, the m-ywedge™ is going to take the boating world by storm.  Safe, convenient, and easy to use and store, the m-ywedge™ is the answer to every outboard boater’s needs.
You have to check this product out!  Visit them at

Dannenmeuller to run Garland wrapped boat in Crappie Masters

TULSA, Okla. (Jan. 14, 2013) - Bobby Garland Crappie Baits has stepped up its sponsorship of the Crappie Masters tournament trail for 2013, elevating to the level that includes a boat wrap program. Dan Dannenmueller Sr., the 2011 and 2012 Crappie Masters National Team Angler of theYear, is the one tapped for the Garland fisherman sponsorship.

The sponsorship is part of a two-year agreement with both the angler and the tournament trail and includes other exposures for the Bobby Garland brand in Crappie Masters' tournament materials, magazine and television show.

"Garland has been a Crappie Masters sponsors for several years, thanks to an early involvement with the brand by Missouri's Ned and Betty Rutledge," said Chris Lindenberg, owner of Bobby Garland Crappie Baits, a brand under the

Gene Larew Lures company umbrella.

BOBBER WITH A BRAIN the Worlds First & Only Patented Automatic Stationary Slip Bobber!
Lets go fishing with something so NEW and inventive that it has its own patent! Its not just a patent, but a patent that has 11 features that no other bobber can do!

Looking at the bobber itself, we find a new type of slip float that has a magnetic locking device in its chamber! The locking device  consist of a  nickel coated steel ball and a  washer type flexible magnet! The locking device eliminates any line stopper that is required for an ordinary slip float! The  ability of this so called  "Bobber With A Brain" does not stop here!
The BWAB is so unique to the bobber industry, it is in a category of its own & is tauted as a  product "Where No Bobber Has Gone Before"! I guess this claim to fame comes from the fact that the BWAB can place any number of baits inches to feet off any bottom without even knowing the depth!  Lets look a little deeper into this bobber!
This product was invented, made  & patented in Latrobe Pa. about 15 years ago and has been sold in over 32 sports shows & even appeared on QVC TV plus the Sportsman Channel! The bobber consist of  7 parts mostly made in this  Great Lake area. Parts come from Ohio, Pa, Illinois and the package is made in Michigan with one part coming as far away as Texas! How this product works is a real stroke of genius or maybe just a sudden brain storm with some luck! Anyway the BWAB works great even in rough conditions as many testimonials make it more  convincing!

Here is a picture (PICTURE in water- two part showing horizontal and vertical) of how it actually works from the time it hits the water till it stands up vertically in the water! The bobber works in combination with any weight of sinker and a simple crappie or perch rig!

If you  fished over the side of a boat  and tried to keep your bait a foot or two feet off  the bottom in 50 feet or even 10 feet of water, it can be very difficult  especially when the boat is drifting! This bobber can do the same thing  near or at 100 feet from the boat or shore with the ease of a simple cast!  A bait rig with baits tied above the sinker is all you need and the bobber does the rest as you can see in the diagram!

The BWAB is tough ; reports have come in by fishermen who have used the same one for over 4 years on a weekly basis!  To me one of the best features is it will not drift in a 30 mile per hour wind or medium current  since the sinker acts like an anchor!

Other great features are extensive with so many applications that it boggles the mind! The bobber can be reeled in and stopped at any point which will give the same setting action of the original cast! This feature alone makes it easy to fish an incline the whole way up especially for walleye!

Fishing 3 baits, one on the bottom below the sinker and two above the sinker, is a feat never done by any bobber since time began!

The BWAB works with the line coming out the top just the reverse of a regular slip float! A bite, even very light, is determined by it's tilting action making it super sensitive to even a nibble! Because the ball and magnet lock the line in the chamber, an up and down rod movement causes the bobber to tilt toward the horizontal giving all off bottom baits a 3 to 4 inch up and down jigging motion resulting in many double catches! Replacing the sinker with a 1/4 ounce jig with a bait hook a foot above gives fisherman a new dimensions in fishing or trolling with a jig!
So think outside the box and never close your mind to new and innovative ways to do anything. Lets make  "Made In America" number ONE in fishing!

For more information contact Bobber With A Brain
Phone: (724) 695-3647
Store Sales: Frank Moff (724) 531-8809
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