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Humminbird 997 Side Imaging

Humminbird's new side imaging units are raising the level of fishing. The advanced features show areas under and to the side of the boat. Unlike a typical locator, the image on the screen is photo-like making it possible to get more detail.

Most fishermen use it to locate structure. They can go through an area watching for underwater stickups, stumps, brush piles stakebeds and anything else in the lake. It makes it easier to locate fish-holding covers.

Another feature is precision marking. All that’s required is to move a screen marker over to cover, punch a button and you have a GPS position.

It’s sensitive. It not only shows a bluegill bed with hundreds of depressions, it shows the fish in the depressions. It will show a crappie bed, the concrete blocks holding it down and the holes in the concrete blocks.

Without a doubt, Humminbird has a dynamite unit that has and will continue to make finding good fishing spots much easier. Three models are available with screen size and mapping/storage chips being the primary differences.

Porcupine Fish Attractor

A Bill Dance endorsed product, the Porcupine attractor is a for both serious and novice angler. It's compact package is easy to carry but when it's put together it increases in size up to 5.5 feet to make a big bed. It works in open water, around docks and in ponds. The best thing about it is that you won't hang up in while fishing it. Available in 5.5, 4 and 2.5 foot models.

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