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Ardent Announces New Angler Bonus Program

In an effort to provide Anglers the opportunity to put more cash in your pocket, Ardent out of Macon, Missouri, a new national sponsor of Crappie Masters are proud to announce the new Ardent Krappie King Bonus program effective immediately for all Crappie Masters tournament Anglers that win a tournament!  The Ardent Krappie Kings Bonus is simple!  The more Ardent products you use the more you can win!  Up to a $400.00 bonus potential per winning one or two man team per event. Here's how it works and the pay out structure:

Ardent will pay the winning person or team $20.00 for every Ardent Rod and every Ardent Reel used to win the tournament.  (Any model of Ardent spinning or casting reels and rods qualify).  Per Crappie Masters tournament, lake, and state rules, a max of 8 Ardent Rods and 8 Ardent Reels can be used during competition, and thus 16 Ardent items qualify for the bonus payout!  A minimum of 2 Ardent Reels and 2 Ardent Rods (2 out of 8 or 25%) must be used by the winners to qualify for any payout. This means a minimum payout will be $80.00 if only 2 Ardent Reels and 2 Ardent Rods are utilized.  However, if all 8 Rods and all 8 Reels are used to win the tournament and are Ardent brand, the winner/winners will receive a $320.00 payment (16 x $20.00), plus receive an additional $80.00 for exclusive use of Ardent Rods and Reels for a total payout of an impressive $400.00 to the winning person or team! 

To get you started competing with Ardent rods and reels at reduced cost, Ardent has extended the offer to invite Crappie Masters participants to apply for membership in the Team Ardent Tournament Angler Program.  The program provides tournament anglers a direct relationship with Ardent and great benefits in exchange for their support of Ardent.  Interested Anglers need to contact Tom Cole of Ardent at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Brian Sowers of Crappie Masters at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it via email to request an application for the program asap!  Put Ardent Rods and Reels in your boat today and possibly win cash and without a doubt, Rule The Water!!

Crappie Masters would like to thank Ardent for their continued support of Crappie Masters and their tournament Anglers.