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President Trump Announces E15 – What does it mean to me?

On Tuesday night in Iowa, President Trump announced that his Administration would allow E15 (15% ethanol, 85% gasoline) to be sold year-round in the United States. The amount of misinformation and confusion that has followed has been amazing, and the intent of this is short article is to help correct the record. 


E15 was approved in 2012 for 2001 and newer vehicles. It is NOT approved for older vehicles, boats, motorcycles, small engines or off-road vehicles. EPA required a new label that helps describe to consumers what engines can and cannot use the fuel (label shown here) to avoid any misfueling. This label must appear on every fuel dispenser offering E15, and those stations are inspected for compliance by an EPA contractor. After more than 6 years in the marketplace, there has not been one case of misfuelling. 


The announcement from the President meant that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will start a rulemaking process to allow E15 to be sold in conventional gasoline markets year-round. Essentially, we are talking about approving an additional 3.5 months of the year for 70% of the population. Today, E15 can only be sold during the summer months in 30% of the country, mostly major metropolitan areas that have issues with air quality. This process is long and requires an open comment period. If and when EPA approves the proposed rule, E15 can be sold year-round in all of the country. 


E15 is found in 30 states today and growing. It is usually 88 octane and sold for a lower price than E10. E15 does not replace E10 (10% ethanol), which is approved by every boat engine manufacturer. It is merely an additional choice at the pump. There is no push for an E15 mandate, and no one is suggesting you fuel your boat with E15. 


In closing, E10 or E0 will always be available to power your boats and all your engines that are not approved for E15. You will never see E15 at a marina. There is no reason to fear this announcement or the future of fuels. I encourage you to read the labeling on the fuel dispensers when at your fuel retailer of choice and make sure the fuel you are choosing is right for that engine. 


Boat safe, fuel right!