Truman Lake, Clinton, MO was the final destination for the the third leg of the Missouri State Championship. This championship is one of the toughest tests during the year as you compete on three different lakes during different times of the year. After fishing Lake of the Ozarks, Mark Twain Lake, and Truman Lake, the total points from all three events determines the champion.

Barry Morrow and Chad Maupin won the Missouri State Championship this past weekend after winning the Truman Lake event, finishing 7th at Mark Twain Lake, and 10th at Lake of the Ozarks and accumulating 585 points. Both Morrow and Maupin stated they were honored to win this championship while fishing against some of the best anglers in the country and after falling just short in 2014. The team took home a check for $2795.00 which included a bonus of $625.00 donated by the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council. They are sponsored by Crappie Town, Stump Junmper, Off Shore Tackle, Perotti Rod Holders, Beaver Bottom Baits, Gideon Hooks, and Huckabee Rods. 

Charles and Travis Bunting finished second in the Championship with a total of 575 points. The Buntings are sponsored by Power Pole, BnM Poles, Humminbird, MinnKota, Muddy Water Baits, Tite-Lok, and Ranger. They received a check for $1677.00 which included a $375.00 bonus donated by the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council. 

Third place went to the father and son team of Mark and Aaron Engelhart with 559 points. Their winnings totaled $1118.00 which included a $250.00 bonus donated by the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council. 

Each team that competed in all three legs of the Missouri State Championship were entered into a cash drawing of $750.00 donated by the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council. One hundred and sixty different teams entered at least one of the tournaments and twenty four teams fished all three. The drawing winner for the $750.00 was the team of Ed Edgar and Lenny Austin. Special thanks for the additiional $2000.00 in prize money for the Missouri State Championship goes out to the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council.  

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The final national qualifier for the 2015 regular season took place on Saturday, August, 22 on Truman Lake. Richard Bowling, local guide, stated this was the toughest fishing conditions for crappie he had ever seen on Truman. However, 149 anglers from thirteen different states traveled to Clinton, MO and battled the tough conditions and as always, someone has to figure them out and be crowned Champions. 

Truman Lake One Pole Ultimate Challenge Winners, Barry Morrow and Chad Maupin, posted an impressive 8.83 pounds on a seven crappie limit to take home their second win in 2015. The team stated the bite was slow and patience was the key. Morrow and Maupin were one pole jig fishing and concentrating on submerged natural lake structure catching their crappie in 7-9 foot of water, just off the bottom. They were using a combination of Bobby Garland, Mid South, and Beaver Bottom black and chartreuse jigs. Barry and Chad are sponsored by Crappie Town, Stump Jumper, Off Shore Tackle, Beaver Bottom Baits, Perotti Rod holders, Gideon Hooks, and Huckabee Rods. They took home checks totaling $7045.00, which included a $250.00 bonus, donated by the Missouri Corn Growers Association and American Ethanol, for using E10 gasoline in their boat.

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Mark Twain Lake was the site, Saturday, August 8th, for the second leg of the Missouri State Championship as seventy one teams from ten different states came to get in position for the State Championship, Angler Team of the Year points race, and try to claim the Mark Twain title. Tournament anglers were reporting catching as many as 100-150 crappie per day during pre fishing with many of those not meeting the nine inch length limit. Great weather and a slow steady drop in the lake level made for another exciting tournament with one team finding the right combination.

Mark and Chris Hatcher became first time winners on the Crappie Masters Tournament Trail by weighing in a seven crappie limit of 7.30 pounds. The Hatchers were spider rigging in 5-10 foot waters with BnM Trolling Poles and Capps and Coleman double minnow rigs, catching their bigger crappie in the 8 foot range, 4-6 foot deep. They stated that moving back and forth in shallow water produced the biggest fish during pre fishing so sticking to this game plan was their goal. The game plan payed off by cashing in a $4250.00 check which included a $250.00 bonus, donated by the Missouri Corn Growers Association and American Ethanol for using E10 gasoline in their boat.

Crappie Masters 2015 National Championship Itinerary PDF Print

Crappie Masters Angler, Congratulations!! Bass Pro Shops Crappie Masters and Henry County Alliance welcomes you to the 2015 National Championship on Kentucky Lake in Paris, Tennessee, September 23-26. You may pre-fish every day leading up to the tournament with the exception of Wednesday, September 24. You have to be off of the water by noon to participate in welcoming events and registration. All anglers must be present to collect your winnings at the conclusion of the Classic.


All accessible waters on Kentucky Lake from the Kentucky Dam to the north to the

Interstate 40 bridge to the South


Wednesday, September 23rd at Paris Landing State Park Conference Center400 Lodge Rd, Buchanan, TN 38222

12pm-3pm Registration

10am-3pm Sponsor and Vendor showcase

6:00pm Welcoming Banquet

6:30pm Entertainment

7:15pm Seminar


Thursday, September 24th Buchanan Resort – Big Sandy785 Buchanan Rd, Springville, TN 38526

7-11:00am Media Fish Off and Youth Scholarship Fish Off

11:30am Weigh-in

12:00pm Media Luncheon and Awards


Friday, September 25th Paris Landing State Park Marina16055 Hwy 79, Buchanan, TN 38222

7am-3:00pm Fishing Hours

4:00pm Weigh-in


Saturday, September 26th Paris Landing State Park Marina

7am-3:00pm Fishing Hours

4:00pm Weigh-in


Saturday, September 26th Paris Landing State Park Conference Center

6:30pm Banquet

7:00pm Awards Ceremony


Dinner tickets for non-anglers will be $10 per person at each banquet.

Pay at the door.



Kids Fishing and Education will select three children from ages 13-15 and three from

ages 10-12 to compete and fish with some of the top teams from the 2015 National

Championship from 7:00am to 11:00am weighing 3 fish per contestant. The top youth

angler from each age group with the largest weight will be crowned the Bass Pro Shops

Crappie Masters Youth Scholarship Champion. The top contestant in each group will

receive a scholarship award. The winner must use this scholarship for college or any

qualified trade school in the USA. This scholarship will be awarded when the contestant

graduates from high school and enters into college.


Host Lodging

Buchanan Resort 731-642-2828

785 Buchanan Rd

Springville, TN 38256


Cypress Bay Resort 731-232-8221

110 Cypress Resort Loop

Buchanan, TN 38222


Paris Landing State Park Inn 731-642-4311

400 Lodge Road

Buchanan, TN 38222


FishTale Lodge on Kentucky Lake 731-642-7113

14275 Hwy 79 North

Buchanan, TN 38222


Quality Inn 731-642-2838

1510 E Wood St

Paris, TN 38242


Mansard Island Resort and Marina 731-642-5590

60 Mansard Island Drive

Springville, TN 38256

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