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New Stacker Double-Hook Rig

TTI-Blakemore announces new Standout Stacker double-hook rig. T.J. Stallings says, "Whether minnows or shad, they exist in tight schools working the theory of proximity making them easier to find. That's proving successful with this new StandOut hook and Slab Daddy combo."

Stallings says, "If you prefer to tie them yourself, here's how. -Tie your favorite knot to the top eye of a #6 StandOut hook leaving a long tag end both directions. -Run the lower tag end through the second eye and run it through the eye of a Slab Daddy or Road Runner and trim. -Add a swivel to the top tag line and trim. -If you need more weight add an egg sinker above your swivel on your main line. For more information go to the www.blakemore.com and check out T.J.'s blogs.