Frequently Asked Questions

Please read thru the following FAQ. We will be adding to this FAQ so please check back often. Reading the rules page will answer most questions.  If you have a question that you think should be in the FAQ please submit it to

1. Can anyone fish a Crappie Masters tournament?

a. Yes. However, you must sign up for a Crappie Masters membership.

2. Do I signup for a membership prior to entering a tournament?

a. No. You can sign up for a membership and enter a tournament at the same time. Just choose which tournament you are fishing and the membership you want and click add to cart.

3. Can you fish without a partner?

a. Yes. You may fish with a partner or without. No more than 2 people in a boat. Mike Parrott won the national championship fishing alone in 2008.

4. Who will I be fishing against?

a. There are many different types of anglers teams and some that fish alone. Most teams are friends and family.

5. Will I be fishing against pros?

a. Depends on your definition of what a pro is? Many consider professional anglers to make a living only fishing. In other words, they are paid to fish and they fish all the time, therefore they have an advantage. This is not the case in crappie fishing. There are no paid professional teams.  Crappie teams currently are working, self employed or retired from work.

6. What about those teams with fancy clothes and boats?

a. Some teams do have sponsored clothing to promote a sponsors product or services. These can be local sponsors where the angler lives or national sponsors that have placed them on their fishing team. b. Some have shrink wrapped boats and/or vehicles. The anglers may be given entry fees and/or products for promoting a sponsor. Some may even receive a small amount of money to help with expenses. However we are not aware of a crappie team that makes their living through sponsorship at this time.

7. How do you enter a fishing tournament?

There are 4 ways to enter a tournament. a. Print out the pdf entry form, fill out one from our magazine-trifolds or other print media and mail it in to Crappie Masters, Inc., 200 South Division St., Carterville, IL 62918 b. Enter online by going to the top menu…TOURNAMENTS to RULES-ENTRY FORM…read rules…at the bottom of page click on ENTER ONLINE.  Choose your tournament and follow the instructions. c. Come to the registration seminar early and enter the night before the tournament begins.  See the tournament details page for locations for specific tournaments.  Please note that some tournaments such as The Ultimate Challenge One Pole do not offer signup at the registration-seminar.  It is always best to pre register for a tournament prior to the seminar night. d. Call it in at 660-351-4187

8. Is there a late fee for registering late?

a. Yes. Normal late fee is $25.00 if not received or signed up 14 days prior to a tournament.   Special tournaments can be up to a $50.00 late fee.  See the tournament schedule for late fees for special tournaments.  You avoid late fees by registering early.

9. What divisions are there in a Crappie Masters tournament?

a. All anglers and teams are competing in the same division for the same prizes. Addition divisions are Top Adult/Female team and Top Adult/Youth team. These teams can win additional prizes such as Gift Cards or sponsor products. We do hope to increase the prize per division as we can.

10. What happens at a Crappie Masters registration and seminar prior to a tournament?

a. Those that have preregistered will sign and pick up their voucher for the tournament. This voucher will be brought by the anglers to the weigh in line.   Anglers that have not preregistered will do so then to get their voucher. Team will also get their ticket for door prize drawings. b. Some seminars have banquets and some do not. If so, teams usually visit and eat prior to the beginning of the seminar. There is also sponsor literature out for learning about sponsors and their products/services. c. The seminar is about going over sponsors, tournament rules and questions. If you do not understand something, this is the time to ask.  We also do door prizes at the end of the seminar.

11. Do I have to attend the seminar?

a. Yes. One member of the team must be present for the entire seminar. If there is an emergency, you must let the tournament director know.

12. How do you qualify for the national championship?

There are three ways to qualify. a. One is to place in the top 20 of any qualifying tournament or fish any 3 tournaments. Either a 1 day or 2 day tournament. We do bump down past those that are already qualified. b. You can also qualify via points (250 accumulated). Each team in a tournament is awarded points by where they placed in the points. The remaining championship spots are determined by points. We go down the list in the points standings bumping past those that have already qualified in other ways. c. You can also qualify by fishing a club affiliated series of tournaments. Check out the crappie club in your area to determine how they will qualify anglers for the Championship.