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More Accomplishments & Awards

Big Fish of the Year. Paul Alpers says, “We were expecting a three pound fish this year and got really close a few times. The 2.95 slab by Driscoll and Harrison took the honors. They put the right bait in front of the right fish at the right time. They are known for their consistency.”


Biggest Stringer.  31.69 pounds, Matt Morgan and Kent Watson, Alabama River. “Catching one big fish can be luck,” says Paul Alpers, “but catching a big stringer of fish isn’t. We went to a new lake, the Alabama River, and it was definitely a good place to fish. It scared a lot of people being a river but they found that there are many places to fish in creeks and backwaters that have little current and are good places to fish. The actual big weight, almost 32 pounds, came from the river.”

“We have extended the boundaries for next year where they say that the best big fish are located. Competition next year will be interesting because we are coming to Grenada in the spring and we have Ross Barnett and the Alabama River. We may have a new record set again next year.”


Male/Female State Champs.  Paul Alpers says, “First time ever we had a male/female team to win a state championship. The Minnesota state championship was won fishing with one pole each by Elwood and Sharon Shepard. Everyone knows there are many good male/female teams who compete and it was good to see the Shepard/Shepard team to achieve the championship in Minnesota.