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31 Sportsmanship…Giving an Helping Hand
32 Release Boat In Action
33 Redds Hit the Tournament Trail
34 Watson/Morgan Smash Record at Alabama State Championship
35 Marshall's Crappie Law …Post-Spawn Tactics
36 Long Pole Primer
37 Don & Tony Collins …A Family Affair
38 Angler On Tour
39 2008 National Championship
40 Tournament Vs. Weekend Fishermen
41 Observations, Tips & Tricks
42 Wade Mansfield on the Trail
43 Crappie Fishing with Wade Hendren
44 Angler On Tour
45 Summer Crappie Fishing Tips from the Tournament Trail
46 In-Depth Longline Tactics
47 A Family Affair
48 Havin’ A Crappie Time!
50 The Trip from Where???
52 Presentation Tips & Bait Tricks
53 Fall Fishing Tip
54 Electronics…User Info & Tips
55 Bait & Presentation Tips…When Fishing is Slow
57 Summer Fishing Strategies and Tips from Our Crappie Master Fishermen
58 Choosing the Right Long Rod
59 How Tournament Fishermen Consistently Catch Crappie
60 The Care and Maintenance of Crappie in the Livewell
61 Tips for Fishing in the Wind
62 Profile and Fishing Tips
63 Becoming a Better Fisherman…
64 Talkin' Crappie with Wade Mansfield
65 How do you hook your minnows?
66 Tell us about the knots you use.
67 What about tournament fishing verses recreational fishing?
68 What should a fisherman look for in a longpole?
69 You're known for your jig fishing. Tell us about the jigs you use.
70 Does summer cause special problems?
71 You're known for the big Grenada Lake stinger. Tell us about the fish.
72 What's a thermocline?
73 It's All About Kids
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